Top Health Tips For Women Made In 2013

A shocking study from this year has also revealed that the cost of birth control in Florida varied considerably. In less wealthy areas, it was found that the cost of prescription contraceptives were more expensive compared to the same product in wealthier zip code areas. The research has raised concern for those in need of the drugs but are struggling financially.In March of this year, the United Nations shared research that states that by 2015, approximately 233 million women will still be unable to access modern forms of contraception. With contraception being such an essential tool in preventing unwanted pregnancies, it allows women to decide on their desired family size. Contraception is also key in reducing the number of women dying in both pregnancy and childbirth especially as it’s a very cost effective method of intervention.An American study has also found that women could in fact slash their chances of having a heart attack by up to 32% by simply eating 3 servings of either strawberries or blueberries each week. It’s thought that this could be due to the effect of the flavonoids contained within the fruits which prevents a build-up of plaque in the arteries, which is great news for wine drinkers as its thought the same result is achieved.2013 has also revealed the results of a lengthy study carried out during 1996-2008 that was trying to establish whether or not there is a link between depression in women and the consumption of inflammation-spurring foods. The study excluded any women already suffering from the condition. The results showed that women who regularly ate foods such as pasta and red meat, were in fact more prone to developing depression.Across the pond, comprehensive research has been done by the Environmental Protection Agency to assess the current levels of mercury in women’s blood. As women are now more aware of the health risks associated with consuming high levels of mercury, its thought that women are now thinking more carefully about the types of fish they eat. Mercury has been linked to both kidney and neurological problems.At the latest annual meeting for the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology, new information was announced claiming a possible link between a lack of sleep and a woman’s ability to conceive. It suggests that women who work irregular shifts could be put at a higher risk of not conceiving whilst those who work during the night increase their chances of mis-carrying. The reason behind this thinking is that interrupted sleep could be affecting their internal clock, so in order to maximise fertility, a woman should aim to get between 7-8 hours’ sleep each night.There’s been some good news though for cancer survivors, as a recent study has shown that two-thirds of women who have survived cancer before the age of 21 were able to successfully go on to have a child. The statistics were taken after 3,500 18-39 year old sexually-active women were looked at, which revealed these promising results.This year, preliminary findings into a baby’s brain development has suggested that getting the normal 20 minutes of moderate exercise 3 times a week could help. Researchers are still to make definitive findings but it’s thought that regular exercise helps to boost a baby’s all round development.New findings by researchers at Duke’s University has suggested that women who are diagnosed with breast cancer in its early stages could have a better chance of survival if they opt for a lumpectomy and radiation instead of a mastectomy. In recent times many women have been opting for mastectomies for psychological reasons instead of medical, however, more research still needs to be done.The US Preventative Services Task force changed its guidelines several years ago surrounding the age at which women should receive routine mammograms. Despite the organisation deciding this, women between the ages of 40-49 are still going for the test with numbers slightly increasing. The results are a good indication that women are taking their health seriously.This year the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology revealed the results of its study into post-pubescent women’s increased chances of developing food allergies, asthma and rhinitis. They believe women are more likely than men to develop certain conditions as a result of both genetics and sex hormones.The final big health story for women this year involves a bra, or rather why you shouldn’t wear one. Although almost all women wear a one on a daily, research suggests they may not be beneficial. By not wearing a bra, a woman doesn’t develop her body’s natural tissue which supports the breasts. So not wearing a bra is not only more comfortable, but also better for you too!

Saying Goodbye to Tradition With Online Advertising Alignment

Advertising alignment plays a very crucial role in consumer advertising. This actually provides efficient means in quantifying the exposure of advertisements to a certain audience. However, in the case of online advertising, new approaches should constantly be devised to develop new and exciting marketing strategies and probable results, which in fact, are very different from that of traditional advertising, such as through television or radio ads. Contrariwise, advertising measures to which traditional media planners are used to are now available on the Internet. In addition, the calculation of such metrics for particular buyers is quite easy. Distinct from other forms of media, every impression made on the Internet is logged and reached numbers are reported. On the other hand, it is much more difficult to look for necessary data online to predict the reach of advertising and the levels of frequency.In a traditional advertising measurement, there are three major types involved: audience reach, which comprises the percentage of people within a particular universe who are exposed to a specific advertisement at least once in an allotted period of time; the gross ratings points, which are the gross impressions of media divided by the residents of the audience reached; the frequency or the number of times an individual who has viewed the advertisement is reached by the company, and the effective reach, which is the number of people reached by the advertisement at a certain frequency, divided by the total number of individuals within that universe.A new meaning is assigned to such measurements as the audience reach, gross ratings points, and effectiveness reach, in lieu of online advertising. The online calculations of the gross ratings points are centered on the total number of impressions made on the site divided by the size of the audience. The total number of the household or the Internet universe can be the basis for the percentage of users reached by the advertisement.Aside from gross ratings points, target ratings points can also be used to calculate for a certain advertising campaign. Target ratings points are approximated by multiplying the predicted GRPs by the demographic components of the site. The site demographic components can be acquired from the demographics of the website data providers, such as the Media Metrix, Nielsen or NetRatings, comScore, and the @Plan.In measuring the total number of individuals who have seen the advertisement, the audience reach metric measure is used. With online advertisements, the summary and report are done easily through the number of visits, the number of unique visitors, and the number of page views for every website. But there is, however, a major difficulty encountered in predicting accurate reach numbers, which are necessary for the development of efficient advertising or marketing campaigns.Measurements of effectiveness reach enable the advertisers to do the math on the percentage of users reached at a target frequency level. Data on the number of users having multiple interactions with the product or service advertised is provided for by the calculation.Online advertising measurements typically include click-through rate, rate of conversion, number of unique visitors, traffic data of the website, and others. Marketers can opt to utilize a variety of online advertising payment methods, including Pay-Per-Click, in which payments are solely based on verifying click-through; Pay-per-Lead, in which payments are based on the qualifying leads, and Pay-per-Sale, in which payments are based on the qualifying sales. Most advertisers use a hybrid model which is basically a combination of several of the payment methods.Precise online advertising alignment measures are crucial for the development of an efficient and expectable strategy in marketing. Moreover, to reach more accurate results, measurements should be complemented with the website’s demographic estimations and historical user-level frequency information, which are available from the providers of online data analysis.

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5 Psychological Benefits of Playing Online Games

Nowadays, online games are becoming the most engaging types of games. The technological advancements have allowed players to play their favorite titles without installation. For instance, you can play card games on your mobile or PC provided you are connected to the Internet. Given below are some of the most common benefits of playing online games. Read on to know more.

Stress Relief

According to research studies, playing browser games has a lot of psychological benefits. If you are a regular player, you can experience reduced stress levels. Aside from this, car games help you feel happier and relaxed.

Skill Development

Some titles also allow you to challenge your friends, which may help you improve your memory, analytical skills, focus and memory. Many of these products also involve strategy, which requires a lot of attentiveness and concentration. This is true whether you play them alone or with friends.

What happens is that you have to keep an eye on the behavior and move of your opponent. And this makes you more alert. Apart from this, these products involve interpersonal and cognitive skill development. As a result, your brain remains in good health.

Staying Engaged

Most online games rely on your short-term memory. But many of them can also have a positive impact on your long-term memory and many of other skills. If you follow the same routine for months without a break, you may suffer from mental stagnation.

Online games can help you fill this gap by keeping you busy both physically and mentally. As a matter of fact, playing with a virtual opponent is as entertaining as playing with a local friend.

Although there is a lack of social interaction and conversation, online games may still help you improve your focus. Actually, the fun comes from the competition you face during the gameplay. However, you can’t ignore the allied benefits offered by browser-based games.


Another benefit that you can enjoy is the promotion of teamwork and communication. You get an incentive to work together while playing the games. This helps you have a better interaction with your fellow players. For introverts, this can be a great benefit, which allows you to interact with each other through an online medium. So, you can enjoy better interpersonal interactions.


We all need entertainment but with convenience. The good thing about online games is that they can be played regardless of time and location. In other words, you can enjoy your favorite titles whether you are at home or on the move. So, you can play them from home, office, waiting rooms, or car. You can choose from a lot of titles based on your personal preferences.

Other skills that you can improve by playing online games include leadership skills, problem-solving skills, and observation skills.

In short, if you have never played games online, we suggest that you check out some browser games. You can choose from thousands of titles, and the good thing is that you don’t need to install them first. Hope this helps.