GamKing: Best Platform to Play Online Casino Game

GameKing India is one of the best platforms if you are looking to play casino games online. This platform offers tons of fun for players like you. The good thing is that you can choose from more than 500 online slots. You can try out a lot of games, such as Bingo, Champion Online Poker, Planet G Online, and Teen Patti, just to name a few. You can also check out some classic games. Let’s find out more about this place.

Get a Signup Bonus

If you sign up on GameKing, you can get online games bonus. Apart from this, you can enjoy different types of parks, such as, loyalty programs, VIP trips, freeze spins and amazing promotions. The good thing about the platform is that it is always open. If you have any issues, you can contact the customer support round the clock. You can get help from them about the matters related to game support, payment processing, and anything that you have problem. You can contact the customer support through several methods, such as live chat, email and phone call.

Enjoy a Lot of Exciting Features

Apart from online Casino games, GameKing India offers a lot of other exciting features. For example, the online game section offers some of the best traditional games, such as Bingo, Champion Online Poker, and Planet G online, and so on.

Similarly, if you are into sports betting, you can bet on a lot of other games as well. So, you can have tons of fun whether you like to play casino games or other games from the classic game section.

Play for Free

If you want to go for a test run, GameKing India allows you to play your desired games for free of charge. This will allow you to test many game features, such as free spins and bonuses. This will help you decide on the best games that you can play. Make sure that you are not logged in when checking out these features for free of charge.

Use Different Payment Methods

As far as security is concerned, GameKingIndia offers a lot of secure payment methods. The platform uses technical innovations and has agreements with different payment providers. Therefore, you can use your desired payment method in order to sign up.

You can use a lot of payment methods, such as e wallets, Skrill, Neteller, and MasterCard/Visa, just to name a few. Therefore, you can use the power of technology to make payments. The platform gives the utmost importance to security. They use the most recent data protection tools and other security measures. With these security steps, you can play your desired casino games and perform transactions with the peace of mind.

If you play your desired games, you will be rewarded generously. For example, you will get bonus and promotions from time to time. The good thing is that you can play all of these games on your mobile phone, which allows a lot of flexibility and convenience.

So, this was an introduction to GameKingIndia. If you like playing casino games online, we suggest that you check out this platform today.

Students Heading Back to School Need to Protect Their Gaming Gear Too

Mobile Edge Leads the Way with Console-Ready Gaming Backpacks, Mobile Power & More!

Soon students will be heading back to school. Most will be carrying more gear than ever, ranging from laptops, tablets, smartphones, and mobile power packs to various cords, accessories, and other techy tools designed to optimize their educational experience.

While parents and students are rightly focused on academics, students can’t be all school and no play. After a year of remote learning, going back to school this year will no doubt accentuate the social aspect of being with classmates and friends again, which inevitably will lead to gaming.

Whether it’s a gaming laptop, a full-sized console, or a handheld one, students of all ages heading back to school need to organize their tech and protect it from unexpected drops and bumps. Mobile Edge has them covered and then some with a wide selection of console-ready gaming backpacks, including our award-winning Core Gaming Backpack.

Spacious and durable, our Core Gaming Backpacks offer storage for laptop and gaming consoles and feature numerous pockets and zippered compartments for cables, chargers, headphones, keyboards, and personal items such as snacks or even a change of clothes for overnighters. Pre-wired for power banks, Core Gaming

Backpacks are perfect for students on the go, especially high school and college students. One version even features a hook and loop panel for displaying school and team badges and patches.

Couple the Core Gaming Backpack with our powerful Core Power AC USB 27,000mAh Portable Laptop Charger and you’ve got the makings of a great “go-bag” of choice for your student gamer. This charger provides mobile power for even the most power-hungry devices, such as laptops and gaming consoles. Plus, with a universal AC outlet, no special adapters are needed. Lightweight, compact, and durable, it slips easily into laptop bags or backpacks and meets FAA carry-on requirements for lithium-ion batteries.

For Alienware fans, the Alienware M17 Pro Backpack is designed specifically for the new Thin & Light m-Series laptops. Loaded with features, this lightweight backpack is perfect for student gamers who want to rock the distinctive Alienware look-and if they’re really into Alienware fashion, they can browse Mobile Edge’s full line of Alienware apparel.

Students also need accessories that enhance both their gaming performance as well as support their academic pursuits. While we’ve listed a few popular items below, you can check out our entire lineup of mobile power solutions and personal productivity products at our website.

The Universal 4-Port 6A USB Desktop Smart Charger charges up to four smartphones, tablets, and other USB devices at once. All four ports can support 1A or 2A charging for a total output of 6A when all ports are in use. It’s a must-have for college dorm rooms or student apartments.

The Core Gaming Mouse Mat XL is a pro-style, precision gaming mouse mat made of an ultra-smooth fabric designed to optimize mouse performance. At 32.5″ x 15″, it can easily accommodate a gaming mouse and keyboard.

The 18.5″ Core Gel Keyboard Wrist Rest provides comfortable cushioning and support for full-sized keyboards. Built to last, it features anti-fray stitching and is made from an easy-to-clean fabric cover.

All Mobile Edge protective cases, backpacks, and messenger bags are backed by a lifetime warranty and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

A Google Places Page – Maps Lesson – When Not To Believe Your Own Eyes

“But I am already showing up on the first page,” my neighborhood bowling alley proprietor told me the other day. And he was right. Even though he had no web site, and had done nothing at all to get top ranking, there he was listed number three on the Google Map for the keyword “Bowling.”He wondered why he should pay me to help him get his listing set up properly. And it was a good question. Just six months ago, it would have cost him thousands of dollars to get anywhere near the first page results. Today, he was sitting near the top, pretty as punch, having spent zip!The new Google Places phenomenon is just beginning to take hold, and one of its biggest positive attributes may actually be retarding its growth in a bizarre manner. The places page is all about local business. It takes advantage of Google’s ability to recognize the computer searcher’s location. If you are in zip code 55417 like I am, and search for “bowling” you will get Skylane’s Bowling, a ten lane mom and pop alley in the top 3 listings. That’s because they are the only bowling alley in my zip code.Now if you were on the other side of town in say zip code 55429, you might have to scroll down to page 17 or beyond to find them. Why, because the beauty of Google Places Pages is that they are local. The entire idea is to provide searchers with the most relevant results to meet the implied need of their search.In months and years past, if you were to search for a chiropractor online, you would get a lot of generic chiropractor sites and maybe a listing or two from New York or California, even if you lived and were doing your search from Minneapolis. Not very helpful. Today, a search done in Minneapolis will tend to show those establishments closest to the searcher – kind of.Google actually uses a variety of factors to determine which listing gets placed in what order. And it’s clear that local proximity is one valid, and useful criteria, but it is far from the only. Those of us who work with Google Places know that there are multiple things that you can and should do to gain the top listing and we also know that it will matter in terms of how many calls and how much business you get.But for the typical business owner who does not follow internet marketing as closely or at all, their search for themselves online may give them a false sense of pride. As my friend John the bowling proprietor saw, his listing had a very local advantage, but he needs to draw customers from beyond the immediate area. This is true for most small businesses. Thus it is important that they learn how to effectively set up and promote their Google Places Pages if they are to stay competitive in a rapidly changing market place.So if you are a local business and are feeling good about your new found high ranking on Google Places, be cautious. You are likely not as highly ranked elsewhere in your market area, and if you fail to take action to properly complete and promote your Google Places Page, you will eventually be shoved off the first page as your competitors learn the tricks of the trade to raise their listings above yours.

6 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Online Travel Business

Travelling is one thing that you may find common in everybody’s hobby nowadays. In fact, it is a passion for many. People are getting busier and stressed out with each passing day. And traveling is the only thing that can help them to cut off from their busy schedules and get a bit relaxed. As a result, more and more people are in continuous search of online travel businesses that can help them plan their dream holidays. This has led to a massive rise in the competition in the travel business industry. You have to be distinctive to make your online travel business a success.

A considerable amount of work goes into setting up your travel business, enhancing the showcase, and getting the desired number of customers. And a few mistakes here and there can ruin your venture even before starting.

Here, are the most basic mistakes that you must avoid or it might kill your online travel business even before it takes off:

1. Not offering complex travel services
People can easily plan their routine point-to-point tours or trips with the help of the Internet. What they need is someone to help them plan their trips with varied & complex requirement combinations. You must allow the customers to create and plan their travel packages as per their convenience. Providing regular travel packages will do no good to your online travel business but will instead lead the customers to continue planning their trip on other travel websites.

2. No prompt support
Customer satisfaction is the first & foremost requirement in the travel business. You should be within your customer’s reach at any point of time. Yielding prompt support to your customer’s queries & complaints can save many of your customers from moving on to other travel portals. Try giving quick solutions and clearly mentioning all the instructions can help your business from getting bad reviews on Google & other social media platforms.

3. Poor user interface
It’s very simple: “People buy what they look at and like”. So, it becomes necessary to have an attractive and engaging user interface. Customers should be easily able to traverse through your travel portal and get all the things they want. Your travel portal needs to have a simple yet classy design with an appealing call to actions, appropriate sorting filters and easy payment & checkout options. All these will help the customers to take up your proposal at the most opportune time.

4. Not having a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
There are numerous travel websites on the Internet. Following the same strategies like them won’t do any good to your business. It’s tough to beat them & move forward. At this point, you need to have a Unique Selling Proposition (USP). USP is the thing that differentiates you from the rest of the crowd. This means that you need to deliver something that none of the businesses from your niche does. For example, you can transform your business message to sell expert advice & personalized services rather than some deals, offers & discounts.

5. No promotions or marketing
Promotions or marketing is the best way of reaching out to your target audience. Most of the travelers start searching online or on the social media platforms before planning their trip. Lacking marketing and promotions will make you lose some of your potential customers. You can hire an Internet marketing company to do this task for you.

6. Lack of personalization
People don’t like to spend much time browsing all the options. They prefer websites that provide them with relevant suggestions as per their needs and interests. In this scenario, personalization can help you. Personalization allows you to learn about each customer so that you can suggest relevant solutions aimed at their needs and interests like What is their budget? What hotel brand do they prefer? Are they flexible with their dates? etc.

By doing just a bit more than your competitors, you are sure to stand ahead of all the other online travel businesses and guarantee that you have a continuous flow of travelers for quite a long time to come.